OMT Video Library (View-OMT)

While Dr. Werrell was in medical school he came up with the idea for a computer based OMT video library system. At the time there were OMT videos available on VHS tapes, but locating a specific technique on a tape was inefficient. Unfortunately the computer technology in the late 90's made it difficult to produce a stable video display program. Additionally, converting analog video to digital format resulted in enormous files.

In 2004, we regrouped and began to find solutions to the previous issues. We have finally brought all of the pieces together and are able to present our OMT video collection in an easy to use form.

Our basic concept is to provide a mechanism to easily find a treatment or diagnostic technique and then display a video clip. To support the video, we have included text and figures with specifics about the clip.

Video Review Lesson (VRL)

We have combined the video library and the interactive quizzes. This has opened the possibility of the VRL concept, where a few videos can be linked to text and a set of questions. The VRL provides a Rapid Learning tool where concepts can be reviewed in under five minutes.

VLRs can be tailored to a variety of situations. VRLs can serve as a distance education tool to standardize part of the information that 3rd and 4th year students receive while on rotation. Pre/post testing incorporated within the VRL framework allows for the documentation of learning while students are off-site.



  • filming of OMT videos (analog format)
  • creation of initial supporting text and figures


  • refilming of OMT videos (digital format)
  • development of software to display OMT videos


  • initial release of View-OMT, which can be loaded onto individual computers
  • improvements in video compression technology and the increasing availability of broadband has made it possible to deliver video over the web


  • development and release of View-OMT (online version)
  • development of administrator interface allowing institutions to add and remove videos from the collection that their users have access to
  • development of additional video collections: (Extremity Evaluation, Office Procedures, Kinesiology)



  • development of the Osteopathic Considerations Collection
  • development of the Table Training Modules to accompany the Case Lecture Series
  • development of the Table Training Scoring Tool for tracking of trainee exposure & proficiency in OMT